Transforming Residents into Community Leaders

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Transforming Residents into Community Leaders

HANDS designs, develops and implements all neighborhood revitalization strategies within a Social Determinants of Health framework. Research shows that improved quality of housing and long-term affordability coupled with economic opportunity and strong civic empowerment and participation help residents achieve better health outcomes over the long term. 

I grew up in Orange and enjoyed my childhood. I remember what Orange was in the hands of others, and I knew Orange could be better. I not only was raised in Orange, but I am proud to say I currently work in Orange, and I am a proud homeowner in Orange. 

I was introduced to HANDS through Elizabeth Jackson, who was facilitating a Home Buyers certification course for 1st-time buyers. Before working with HANDS, we were looking at houses for sale in Essex County through a realtor. Emotionally we did not want to purchase anyone else’s “junk.” I was married, raising a family, and knew I could not afford to throw money away in a rental unit. HANDS came along at the right time because they were offering low income, newly built houses. I chose to work with HANDS because they provided homeownership opportunities within the community I want to help grow and flourish. 

As a homeowner in Orange, I can be a part of the progression within my hometown.  Being a homeowner gives me a louder voice in Orange. My community means so much to me that I am an active member of The City of Orange Township Planning Board, I am working for the Orange Board of Education, and my children are enrolled in the Orange School District.  

While working with HANDS, I learned that homeownership is more than a possibility and much simpler process than I feared. HANDS is an organization that I would collaborate with because the work they do is beneficial to the residents and the community. I hope the future of Orange will include more school buildings for the increasing number of residents and organizations.” -Dwight Holmes

Stories like Dwight Holmes’, a HANDS homeowner, are true representations of the importance of investing in the residents of our city to empower them to flourish and pay it forward. 

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