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Kelli Copeland Artist Co-Ops

400 S. Jefferson Street, Orange, NJ

The Kelli Copeland Artist Co-Op is a mixed-use property in the Valley neighborhood of Orange.  The project combined new construction with a former industrial building to create 8 affordable artist live/work rental units plus 4,600 sq. ft. of commercial arts space (3 units).  The housing units are long-term affordable to low-income artist families; one unit is handicap accessible.  HANDS seeks commercial tenants who are connected to our mission to promote increased economic activity centered on creative pursuits.  The project is in the heart of the Valley Arts District.

Kelli Copeland Before Old
Kelli Copeland Artists Co-Op Construction Start 2010

The completion of the Kelli J. Copeland Artist Co-Ops was an additional milestone in reaching the vision of bringing the Valley neighborhood back to life.  Development of this property is a key component of the revitalization strategy laid out in the Neighborhood Plan – A Plan for Revitalizing the Valley Neighborhood.  As part of this vision, the Artist Co-Ops provide residential and work space for artist families who want to play a role in bringing the arts district to its full potential and new commercial uses – the artist co-ops and gallery/commercial space.

This building is within walking distance of The Firehouse, Arts Unbound Studio, Hat City Kitchen Restaurant and Bar, IronWorks Studio, Southern Comfort Cafe and Luna Stage Theater – all HANDS supported Valley Neighborhood projects.  There is now a noticeable increase in street level activity generated by these projects completed in the last five years.  HANDS fully realizes that having more artists living within the Valley Arts District is a major factor in enlivening the neighborhood.  This project provides a step forward on this path.

The programming supported has brought residents and visitors together to learn, create, socialize and build community.  Performances, classes, art exhibitions, and special events have built momentum for both the economy and social life as residents and visitors consume goods and services, learn and are entertained, build community and enliven the streets making the Valley a more vibrant place to live, work and play.

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