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University of Orange

The University of Orange is a free people’s university dedicated to helping citizens understand how Orange, NJ can be the urban village of the 21st century, a just and beautiful city. The University of Orange empowers the people of Orange to teach and learn from each other how to make this happen.

To graduate, all students must complete the six U of O requirements:
• Vote
• Volunteer
• Attend a City meeting
• Have fun with your neighbor
• 2 other U of O courses of your choice

Upon completing the requirements, students attend U of O Juneteenth Graduation (June 19th or thereabouts) and receive their Bachelors of Freedom (Be Free Degree).

Through classes, workshops, trips to exemplary urban venues, community activities, film series and an annual Placemaking conference, University of Orange increases understanding, advocates for improvements and develops leadership to move Orange forward. U of O plans events to learn about the urban fabric of great and not so successful places to stimulate discussion on the future of Orange and highlighting the history of Orange including the history of the Civil Rights movement in Orange.

Visit The University of Orange website.

University of Orange incorporated in 2009 and received its IRS letter of tax exempt determination in 2011.