In the spring of 2009, a group of Orange High School students scoured the streets recording people’s stories about places for [murmur], an international installation project that collects and makes available people’s stories about specific geographic locations.

A green ear-shaped sign with a telephone number marks the location of each story so anyone can call and hear a story from their cell phone right where it happened. Orange now has 15 sites with 30 stories. The stories run the gamut, from memories of boxing legend and Orange native Tony Galento to recollections of Martin Luther King Jr.'s visit shortly before his death and local resident Cynthia Bianchi recounting her experience growing up in a haunted house.

The [murmur] project was first established in Toronto's Kensington Market in 2003. There are now installations in cities around the world including Montreal, Dublin, and Sao Paolo. Orange is only the second city in the US to have a [murmur] installation and the first on the East Coast, as well as the first produced by youth. Stories are all available on the Web site but we recommend you take the self-guided walking tour around Orange and learn about the historic buildings and legendary people right here on location.