League of Neighbors

League of Neighbors Support and Grow the Valley Arts District - Join Them.

League of Neighbors are community members who support, advise and promote HANDS’ work, the Valley Arts District and continue the momentum.

They support not only the work of HANDS but also the community arts organization ValleyArts, Inc., the Valley’s cultural anchor Luna Stage and patronize/promote Hat City Kitchen where all profits flow into VAD activities.
HANDS committed to create 100 permanently affordable Arts Spaces in the Valley to house artists, arts businesses, arts programs and other innovators and to serve as an anchor for the emerging Arts District. Your support will enable HANDS to strengthen the presence of institutions in the Valley and provide affordable Art Spaces.

Please consider joining HANDS League of Neighbors and become a:
Donor - your donation really makes a difference
Adviser - participate in this grand experiment - a truly “community arts district” - a place that gives expression to people of all backgrounds and provides venues to celebrate, enjoy and make art, music and even drama. Join our discussions on-line and in-person on how to advance HANDS work.
Promoter - patronize the businesses and programs in the Valley Arts District: join our group of “Word Spreaders” who pass on information to their network of friends and neighbors.

HANDS  needs your donations to continue our work and organizations like Arts Unbound, ValleyArts, ORNG Ink and Luna Stage, but we need your participation also. This work is bigger than the efforts of one, two or three nonprofit organizations. It requires a community of people who care and want to work together.

"I joined the L.O.N. because I think HANDS has done a good job over the years of propping up a neighborhood that needed a new purpose, new investment and new energy without running roughshod over the existing community. HANDS patched the quilt so to speak. It's an unusual approach in a bulldozer economy. I want to be part of the revitalization and see where it goes." - Jamy L., Orange, NJ

"I am very pleased to take part in the HANDS community. I joined the League of Neighbors  for opportunities to participate in the future of Orange's Renaissance.  I look forward to joinging activities or a committee that will allow me to take an active role." -  Bernice M., West Orange, NJ

Local Business
Show your support of HANDS' service in community development by becoming a Neighborhood Sponsor. A contribution of $250 or $500 will accelerate the momentum in our communities ensuring strong, vibrant neighborhoods and increase attraction to local business and organizations beyond the borders of Orange.

To become a Neighborhood Sponsor or join the League of Neighbors click below to make a significant tax-deductible contribution.

Visit  A Show of HANDS to sign up for a  walking tour of the Valley neighborhood.