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For more than 25 years, HANDS and its mission-focused partners and tenants have ignited a renaissance in Orange, NJ, part of a larger commitment to positively impact the quality of life in and around Essex County, NJ. Their work has transformed this once deteriorated, former industrial city by redeveloping industrial sites; cleaning up environmental contamination; and rescuing vacant commercial/mixed use properties. These redeveloped properties now house entrepreneurs, artisans; community builders including a café, theater, music venues; a hydroponic greenhouse; furniture makers; galleries, restaurants; and young artist centers – essential partners in Orange’s continued renaissance.
Our most recent venture is the redevelopment of the old Firehouse at 580 Forest Street, one of several vacant and deteriorated commercial and industrial properties, many with environmental challenges. Located in the Valley Arts District the (re)opening of the old Firehouse building will provide another important revitalized property toward our vision of 100 dedicated art spaces in the Valley. As you may know, HANDS and our partners are committed to developing a critical mass of mixed income properties where people can live, work and create art – all within the compact boundaries of the Valley Arts District. Assuring that we have a mixed portfolio of properties in terms of use and affordability, the majority of which remain permanently affordable, is central to realizing this vision.
HANDS needs your support to help maintain a majority of properties that remain affordable. While HANDS earns revenue from the properties it develops there is a need for grants and charitable gifts to continue to attract artists, entrepreneurs, innovators and change-makers that keep the area vital. Support to HANDS’ Valley Community Fund is used to cover gaps in financing of new developments like the Firehouse and residential housing for first-time homeowners—invest in small businesses – create public spaces such as parks/recreational areas – and enhance educational achievement and create career opportunities for young people and other high-risk/high potential groups.
The result is a new model of urban development, what we refer to as the 21st Century Urban Village, a Just and Beautiful City.
In 2008 the housing bubble burst; the economy tanked and market-driven momentum in the Valley evaporated. Property redevelopers retreated to the sidelines waiting for a return of the market, but HANDS continued to redevelop arts properties and support its tenants with affordable rents and other business assistance.
Please consider a tax-deductible gift to HANDS’ Community Fund to continue this momentum and assure the future of our community.
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