Artist Survey

Interested in moving to the Valley? Please email to obtain an Artist Survey so we may notify you when Art Space openings are available.

100 Art Spaces

HANDS' creation of 100 affordable Arts Spaces will anchor the Valley Arts District and drive the economic revitalization of the Valley neighborhood and beyond. The Arts strategy is a central element of a comprehensive plan reflecting the input of hundreds of local stakeholders.

HANDS believes that intentionally creating an "artist-presence" in a concentrated area will attract customers, new business, restaurants, new residents and more artists. The 100 spaces will be a mix of live/work residential lofts for sale and rental, retail, work studios, programs, teaching space and more. HANDS owns or has site control of all the sites necessary to create the critical mass of 100 Arts Spaces. Plans include live music venues and a theater.

The Arts Spaces will be dedicated to arts occupancy and remain affordable for the long term.

Kelli J. Copeland Artist Lofts
Freeman Street, Orange, NJ 07050

Look forward to the opening of the Kelli J. Copeland Artist Lofts.This artist live/work building will house eight affordable units to artist who derive a certain percentage of their income from their art.
Update: Project site is currently under construction.